Get Consistent Sales Leads for your Service Focused Business using Social Media.

Let’s Be Real. Every business knows about it. And they all want it.

But not everyone knows how to get it…

Leads and Revenue from Social Media.

Let’s get this out of the way really quickly and as painlessly as possible. Figuring out how to get leads and revenue from social media isn’t for everyone. It just isn’t. 

And I am 100% ok with that. 

So if you’re a service focused business who believes making money on social media is meant for only a select few…

And you like to spend hours of your day plowing away on the social platforms with nothing to show for it…

You aren’t ready to focus on the platforms that matter most to your customers…

You are not willing to invest 1-2 hours every week on social media connecting and building a relationship with your audience…

No hard feelings, but I’m not the solution you are looking for.

But… if you are a committed service focused business determined to get leads and make money using social media

And you want to FINALLY stop listening to all the useless advice about what it takes and actually listen to someone who knows what works to get the results you desire, then I have something you’re going to love.

Deana is first class. Intentional in her thought process and professional in her deportment. She is results-driven and a true pro.

Jim O.

I show service focused businesses how to captivate audiences, create brand evangelists, and convert social media profiles and pages into revenue engines without gobbling up mind boggling hours or hair ripping frustration.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Hi, I'm Deana

As a former business and life coach, I spent hours on social media crafting posts and spending tons of $$$ on ads with ZERO results. I even created a course that launched and failed miserably. It was so bad, my own family unfollowed me. Ouch. At my lowest point, I thought I’d have to start looking for a job, that I wasn’t cut out to make money online and especially not using social media. That’s when I committed to figuring out how social media worked and more importantly, what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to fix it.  Which led me to creating The Diamond Method, a powerfully productive 4 part system that got me in front of the people that matter most – my customers. Once I figured out the secret to turning my social media profiles into revenue machines, I never looked back. Now I help service focused businesses turn their social media pages and profiles into powerfully productive marketing and revenue machines.

I help Service Focused Businesses…

And besides showing you how to make money using social media…

You’ll have a trusted business and marketing advisor in your corner. 

Who is fun, experienced, results driven, and whom occasionally, ahem, frequently, drops F bombs. 

The Best Part? Your service focused business doesn’t have to be on ALL the social platforms to make this all work. 

Only the right social media playgrounds where your ideal customers hang out the most.


How I Help Service Focused Businesses

Make $$$ using Social Media.

Social Media Advertising 

We can do it all for you.

 Social media management and advertising can be done yourself, but having the right content and traffic formula isn’t some fly by night endeavor you want to try- unless you have time and money to waste and nobody got time or money for that, am I right? 

You have content and offers you want to promote to the world and get in front of thousands using organic and paid traffic on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

And you just want the results.

That’s where we can help. we’ve got a secret formula to powerfully productive pages and advertising campaigns that gets you the results you’re looking for. 

Ready to start advertising on social media?

Social Pro Lab

Want to go the DIY route and need accountability? 

Whether you prefer to passively attract your ideal customers through content or use focused do-it-yourself paid ads (yes, we’ll show you how to set everything up), you’re in good hands.

 In the Social Pro Lab, we give you everything you need to earn cash on social media with training, Q+A calls, and a tight knit community to help you with messaging, positioning, copywriting, content, ads, sales strategies, accountability and more.  

We’ve helped coaches, consultants, course creators, service providers and brick and mortar businesses grow their authority and revenue using social media in the Social Pro Lab. 

 Are you ready to get the strategies, tools, and accountability needed to make money using social media?

What People Are Saying.

I wanted to utilize “techy” stuff like ads and all the other cool things you can do with them however it really was daunting. She is very good at seeing where we are, what we want and our budget then finding the best strategies that would make it work. She is all about communication and having open lines so no question is unanswered. She gives a ton of value. Deana works well with other team members and easily integrates with whatever you are doing. I have been able to see an increase in my business and I am so glad I worked with Deana.

Lisa V.

Deana was incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful in maximizing your dollars and flight path to all lead to qualified leads and clients. I found that Deana’s suggested solutions to my challenges were innovative, unique, cutting edge and saved me a lot of money. I’ve already referred her to trusted colleagues who have signed up as she’s that “smoking gun” that will separate you from your competition and teach you things you might not have considered. You don’t know what you don’t know until you have an expert bringing those topics to your attention.

Jennifer C.

Deana helped my boyfriend and I take our business to the next level with organizing and connecting our business via social media. There were other avenues we never would have known to explore had she not been our mentor and coach. She was patient, understanding and gave us results. We couldn’t have been happier and realize we all need people like Deana to guide and push us to the next level.  Without hesitation I would recommend her to any of my friends and colleagues. Thanks Deana!

Maggie O.

Not quite ready, but want to get your feet wet?

Slide into the free Facebook community Social Media that Sells where I show you how to build authority and position your offers on social media so you connect with and convert your ideal customers.



I help service focused businesses make $$$ using social media strategies that convert. 

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Get Consistent, High-Quality Sales Leads

for your Service Focused Business

Using Social Media.

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