When Elite first approached us, they were not achieving the results they desired with another agency…. 

 With a white glove residential and commercial irrigation service that customers were delighted with, we decided to create holistic digital marketing plan to help them scale and grow. Here’s how. 


The ads Elite had been running with another agency weren’t producing consistent results and yielding a positive return through Google Ads, until they reached out to Powerfully Productive Media to discuss creating a holistic media buying strategy involving Google and Facebook ads. 


Selling white glove home services in the greater Central Florida market, we first ran a full audit of their Google account and social media profiles to assess it’s media buying history and brand health. 

Through this process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by changing how campaigns were optimized inside the ad account and began running campaigns to increase brand and problem awareness. We also leveraged Facebook ads and organic Linkedin outreach as part of the holistic marketing strategy. 

We were able to increase revenue dramatically with a low ad spend by strategically positioning ads on both platforms and leveraging copywriting optimization to craft stories that relate to our prospective customers.   


Six months into working with them, they were able to hire more employees and put another service vehicle on the road.


Cost per acquisitions dropped by 50% and we were able to scale revenues to over $38k monthly spending around $2.5-$3K monthly by helping our client land major commercial accounts in addition to stabilizing a consistent flow of residential business using our digital marketing strategies. Today, they are consistently making sales in the greater Central Florida region and are continuing to grow their team and business. 


Our Involvement Included:

  • Brand and Advertising Audit
  • Brand Messaging
  • Content Repositioning 
  • Google, Facebook, and Linkedin funnel Strategy, campaign launch and management. 

We help service based businesses grow and scale their revenues by leveraging digital marketing & ad strategies that convert.

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