When Lisa first approached us, she had never used Facebook Ads to sell her online course to the masses before.

 With a low ticket course, we wanted to make sure she got the most bang for her ad spend buck. Here’s how. 


Lisa had never leveraged Facebook Ads before (aka, no data and ZERO advertising history) and wanted an easy solution to sell her low ticket course to the masses within a tight weekly ad spend budget. 


Selling a spiritual related course that was deemed underground and out of the mainstream, we thoroughly researched different avatars through persona creation for audience matching. Through this process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by optimizing campaigns for her ideal buyers and began running campaigns to increase brand and problem awareness. 

We were able to increase revenue dramatically with a low ad spend by strategically positioning ads and leveraging persuasive copywriting on her landing page, webinar, and ads to connect her course to her prospective customers.   


Within 3 weeks, we were averaging 186 webinar registrations per launch at 49 cents per webinar sign up. 


Lisa was thrilled when we consistently produced an average of 6x ROAS on her launches. She transitioned from promoting one low ticket course to offering other higher ticket courses and even adding upsells to her funnel for maximum optimization of ad dollars spent.

Lisa continues to sell her courses exceptionally well online and has a methodical system for launching her courses and services using ads that helps her reach her business and revenue goals.


Our Involvement Included:

  • Advertising Establishment (Data Foundation and History)
  • Launch Strategy and Execution
  • Copywriting (Landing Pages and Webinar)
  • Ad Creation and Management

We help service based businesses grow and scale their revenues by leveraging digital marketing & ad strategies that convert.

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